“One of the 100 Most Influential People in Health and Happiness”

Albert Nerenberg is an acclaimed director, journalist and one of the world’s top experts on laughter. 
Nerenberg a “serious” journalist had a transformation after directing the breakthrough documentary, Laughology.  He lightened up.  After experiencing an odyssey of laughter and uncovering a “new” way to di it, he became an advocate for the powerful universal nature of contagious laughter.  Nerenberg is now the founder of the Ultimate Laughing Championships, The Laughter Party, Laughercize and works as a Laughologist, traveling the world studying and advocating for laughter.  He has directed several acclaimed films on laughter including, Rire Exteme and  Laughology, the first feature documentary on the subject of laughter. He is working on applying therapeutic laughter to treat addiction and help ease the suffering of ALS. Companies and schools using active laughter to increase fun and morale. Laughology has been applied to help football teams, hockey teams and the Canadian Paralympic Team achieve their goals.  As a researcher the Laughologist tried to solve the mystery of the Tanzania Laughter Epidemic and help develop a laughter therapy system for drug addiction. His new documentary Boredom, reveals that boredom is actually a stress condition and that western culture is unnecessarily boring. He is currently organizing the 1st ever American Laughing Championships. 

The Laughologist has been featured on BBC, CNN, FOX NEWS, CBC, Good Morning America, MSNBC among other. 

Stage Shows: The Laughologist peforms stages shows large and small, opening conferences, animated live events, workshops and seminars. Because the Laughologist makes crowds laugh without using jokes, the shows work for for groups of almost any age or passion. The Laughologist also works with his young daughter Jane Marlo as a father daughter team. To find out more go to Contact.

Albert Nerenberg is the Laughologist uses a revolutionary approach to laughter that makes any group laugh.